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Elegant Brie is a unique and truly delicious baked brie appetizer. This gourmet delight combines creamy brie cheese-rind removed, fresh filling ingredients, and a flaky crust to create the perfect hors d'oeuvre. 





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What appetizer are you serving your guest for the holidays?

ryan bowers

Looking for a perfect appetizer to bring to a friend or family members home for the holidays? Well, look no more!

Celebrate the season with our mouthwatering holiday brie filled with Cranberries and hand glazed Pecans made with honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon. This showpiece appetizer will be apart of your holiday tradition for years to come.

Be sure to order your baked brie appetizer before they sell out. Last day to order your baked for Christmas is December 18th. Click here to order now!

Elegant Brie Is Going To Be On QVC!!!!

ryan bowers

We're excited to announce that we're going to be on QVC this Thursday at 1:20pm PST (4:30pm EST)!!!!!! Be sure to tune in and buy a baked brie for you next Holiday Party!!!!! 


Our company is based on our love of entertaining.  We have been making these amazing brie appetizers for years. Family and friends continuously told us, "Hey, you should market and sell these!!"  So here we are, offering our best baked brie appetizer to you and your family to enjoy. We want you to take all the credit -- tell your guests that YOU baked it, because you did.

Elegant Brie is the best thing to ever come out of our kitchen...and it can be the best thing out of your kitchen too!  We would welcome the opportunity to help you impress your guests with a custom appetizer that is both creative and delicious.  

But don't think that you have to wait for a holiday to enjoy Elegant Brie.  Life is too short -- you need to make your own occasions!


Leslie (The Big Cheese) and Linda (Chief Cheese Officer)


Baked Brie Cyber Monday Mayhem!!

ryan bowers

We will be offering $5.00 of your entire order starting today until next Monday. Enter promo code CyberBrie at checkout!! Click Here to order your baked brie now! 

Each Elegant Brie starts with the creamiest brie cheese, outrageously decadent fillings, and is hand wrapped and decorated in a flaky puffed pastry.  Best of all, we removed the rind so that every bite is pure melt in your mouth goodness!

Order something Unique and Special for the Thanksgiving

ryan bowers

This gourmet delight combines creamy brie cheese-rind removed, fresh filling ingredients, and a flaky crust to create the perfect hors d'oeuvre. 

It is a sumptuous hot appetizer best served with fruit, crackers, or baguette and easily paired with your favorite wine.  

Each Elegant Brie is made with love just outside of Napa Valley, California and bears its own handcrafted design atop the crust. This mouth watering appetizer is effortlessly baked in your oven where it will magically puff, turn golden brown, and transform into a luscious, cheesy, delight.  

"We've been making these brie appetizers for our family and friends for years. Now we want you to take the credit -- tell your guests you baked it because you did." 


Order by November 21st for a Thanksgiving Delivery


InStyle Magazine's Take on Elegant Brie...Must Read!

ryan bowers

We're still so excited to be called out in InStyle Magazine last month. Elegant Brie is the perfect go to appetizer for woman that value entertaining with flair. Keep an Elegant Brie appetizer tucked away in your freezer so that you are prepared to "fake it--don't make it" when your guests arrive.

Quality gourmet goodness at your fingertips. Tell everyone you baked it because you did!!